Technology has made it easier and more affordable for the average person to produce and distribute his or her own content, empowering artists and eliminating old gatekeepers. This in turn has created countless opportunities for success but left artists to their own devices in achieving it. To some, this new era means the death of the art of recording and filmmaking. We disagree. To us it means that the power structure has changed; the control is in the hands of content creators. Though sales are down, people are consuming more content than ever before. New mediums must be established to present and distribute art and to re-establish strong bonds between artist and audience. With “The Sea In Between,” the MJM team would like to offer our own vision for a possible future of distributed media: a full audio-visual album. In essence, an LP of sights and sounds.

This film represents a labor of love for us. Together with the intrepid Josh Garrels, his wife and toddlers in tow, we filmed and recorded a dozen live performances in less than a week and have woven them together with documentary vignettes exploring Josh’s hand-built career, the process of collaborating on Mayne Island, and the challenges and rewards of being an artist in the 21st century. We hope it gives the audience an opportunity to be a part of the process, to get to know Josh and the MJM team, and to feel included and invested in the futures of Josh and Mason Jar Music. Above all, we hope that this film will encourage casual consumers to follow and support the work and development of artists they believe in as they build careers in the face of this shifting landscape.

For questions about how to get involved, please contact us at info[at]masonjarmusic.com